Earn cash in C.A.T.S.

Rally Director
Need to make some extra Cash for fishing? C.A.T.S. will be offering the ability to earn cash by running rally points. At each rally CATS takes 20% of the entries payments to be invested back into the club.

There will be times where I, the president will not be able to make scheduled rallies and will need a fill-in, a club member to fill that void. The pay will be 50% of whatever the club makes after taking it's part. If the club makes $200, the rally director will earn $100 for his services.
Plus a free entry into that rally. Big fish pot must still be paid by Rally Director.
“C.A.T.S. is something worth investing in”
Capt.Glenn Flowers

Rally Director

If being a rally director sounds like something you would like to do please fill out this form.Must be a member of cats to be a rally director.